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We offers metal filter discs of varied materials and sizes. Typical one is low carbon steel wire woven mesh punched into circular filter. The weaving method is plain, twill, or plain Dutch and twill Dutch. Also supply welded multi-layer pack filter used in rubber industry, plastic industry, oil industry and cereal sifter.

Filter Disk Fineness: from 1mesh to 2800mesh (according to specifications of filtration media)

Materials for Filter Disks:
· Stainless Steel ANSI304, ANSI316
· Plain Steel
· Galvanized Steel
· Brass, Copper and Bronze
· Aluminum

Type of Weaves:
· Plain Weave
· Twilled Weave
· Dutch Weave

Disc Diameter:
· 5mm - 1000mm
· 0.2 inch - 40 inch

Filter Disks Shapes:
· Circular Discs
· Multilayer Discs by either spot welded or bound
· Multimesh Discs
· Multilayer Cylindrical Screens
· Special Shaped screens

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