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Oriental can supply woven wire mesh in different weaving patterns: Plain woven...
 Welded mesh can be divided into hot-dipped welded wire mesh, electric...
Oriental can supply galvanized square woven wire mesh, crimped wire mesh...
Chain link fence, wire mesh fences, fencing posts and other accessories...
Oriental can supply galvanized wire, iron wire, binding wire, stainless steel wire….
Oriental can product welded wire mesh machine, barbed wire machine ….



How to install snow fence?

Snow fence should be positioned upwind of the desired drift area, noting the prevailing wind direction.Bury the fence posts 1/3 of their height, place the T-posts no more than 8' apart. (Note: Metal U-posts or rebar are not recommended as supports for snow fences.) Please note that when tensile strength is the biggest concern typically the posts are the weakest link in successfully controlling the snow drift.


Stainless steel mesh supply - Australia!

We provide high-quality stainless steel mesh products for our customers in Australia. We provide price and delivery on the following item offer preferably C.I.F Fremantle Port, Western Australia.

1,2206 mtrs square - 25 x 25 x 2mm wire mesh material grade 316.
2,Knitted Stainless Steel Wire Mesh(Production via partners, Tejido - China Manufacturer ) , We quote best pricing for 7000 lbs of .011 inch diameter wire 304 stainless steel knitted wire mesh, 30” wide.  3.Galvanized square welded mesh and PVC coated welded mesh.





Founded in 1980, Anping Oriental Wire Mesh Co. is a leader in cost-effective, high-precision wire mesh production. Our reputation is established on quality products and services and is sustained by exploring and utilizing the latest manufacturing equipment and technology. The different sectors of our website introduce you to our different wire mesh products that we have been supplying over the last 20 years.


Oriental is where you can find good quality wire mesh and its related products. You can click on the links to find detail information. Strengthened by our ISO 9001 accreditation, Anping Oriental Wire Mesh Co. stresses employee involvement and the daily commitment towards continuous improvement. From wire drawing, annealing, welding, expanding and weaving, to packing, we are ready and able to assist you in whatever needs you may have. We base our commitment on three basic principles: On time delivery, quality and meeting special requirements.

Seek products, news from partners.

We are based in Australia.We are after supply of Monel and Silver woven wire cloth.
40x40 inch wire - diam 0.010 - 36% open area
Do you also do Platinum ?
This is for propulsion use
Do you take credit card or we can transfer.
For first order of samples can we have picked up using DHL, we have account. We are using Mallas (China) stainless steel wire mesh products
Look forward to any information you can provide

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